Horse-drawn heart.
Crafted with Courage.

Drayhorse crafts the highest quality beverages, beers, and
spirits with excellence, hardworking integrity, and passion.

Our cannery is of and for the everyday
person. We use our voice to sing who we are.
And what we can be. Harmoniously.


Drayhorse interlooms itself with the Philadelphia community on the heart level by creating customized, high quality events that include and serve all with expertly crafted beverages. Our work with and at Sterling Studios is paramount to who we are as a company.
Sterling Studios established their factory on sacred grounds. Rope was made there — retted and spun— from the jute and hemp plants harvested in the Bengal Delta.
From the 1850s The Schlichter Jute Cordage Company operated on those premises, manufacturing nautical rope that circled the globe and twine that tied the world together.
In 1939, The Sterling Paper Company took up operation there, from whom the namesake of Sterling Studios currently derives.
Today it is reinvented as a Metaindustrial hub, where artistry and commerce merge in a vibrant microcity.

we approach our work like priestcraft.

Balancing delicate precision and industrious conscientiousness,
love and honesty guide our every action.

Quality ingredients and workmanship sustain our enterprise.

A drayhorse is loyal and ever- working.

It is with this spirit that we do. And it is in this spirit that we speak.